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Why Custom Labels?

What’s The Importance Of Custom Labels?

Timmy Thermal TMDifferent applications will need specific custom labels. What are they?
by Timmy Thermal

We live in the age of mass customization and personalization where Audiences and consumers prefer uniqueness and personalization over everything else. Every successful business knows and takes advantage of this fact. Even in the mass production of goods, successful businesses try to tailor an element of personalized customization.

This holds true for even the innocuous barcode label which is a helpful tool for tracking product pricing and information. So why are custom labels important today then? Let’s find out!

1. Changing Consumer Demands
Zebra 110xiIII custom labels
As stated above, modern life is all about personalized catering and servicing, and uniqueness is prized the most. Since Custom labels add a unique flavor to a product; they act as that something extra that grabs the consumer’s attention.

2. Brand Identity

One of the main challenges which businesses and corporations face in this age of immense competition is carving out their own unique brand identity. So, how can you avoid being grouped as part of one homogenous mass?

Well, to tackle this problem, we often see elaborate and expensive marketing campaigns, and unique barcodes and custom labels are just a part of this strategy. They may not be that important in the grand scheme but it is the little things and the consistency which build to form an overall brand identity of a business.

3. Your Needs

We are all familiar with the standard barcode printing on the black and white paper. Custom labels do not just have to have marketing or consumer related purposes but they can also be of use to business operations.

Depending on your needs, your product, your transport network, and other similar factors, you can print and make custom labels that set you apart. For example, you can experiment with transparent, electronic, colorful or long-lasting custom labels.

4. Cost

Lastly, the actual process of switching from standard barcodes to custom labels is not very expensive. So why not avail them when the opportunity is there? It will only present distinct clear advantages – all without any massive increase in cost.

5. Specialist Environments
zebra hc100 wristband printer
Custom labels are great and practically mandatory for specialist environments like clean labs which have specific requirements. These requirements are very precise and require labels to be made from a material that does not attract dust or other particulates, contaminants, and pollutants. Even the slightest amount may distort tests so it is best to keep the custom labels as clean as possible.

6. Temperature Specific Labels

The main advantage of custom label and barcode customization is that they can be made according to the temperature requirements of the products. This can make them durable and reduce wastage.

Laminated labels will be best for short term use while plastic will favor products having exposure to moisture. Polyester will be best for products having a lot of shipping time and at risk of being exposed to the elements of the weather, chemicals, and other adverse conditions. Cars and electrical poles often have these kinds of labels.


Not all applications need the same custom labels. Talk to one of our Custom Label Specialists at (800) 643-2664 or visit our custom labels webpage to learn more click here >>

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