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Dot-Matrix Or Line Printer?

Which is better for the printing job?

When To Use A Dot-Matrix Printer Or Line Printer?

You can use a printer to obtain a hard copy of anything that you like from your computer. However, not all printers are the same. Hence, you should know the key differences between line printers and dot matrix printers.

printronix s809

Printronix S809 Dot-Matrix Printer

Dot Matrix Printer

The dot matrix printer is one of the earliest printer models that saw widespread adoption. It is a prime example of printers that work by creating an impact between an ink-filled ribbon and the printout sheet. In this sense, it resembles the mechanism of typewriters.

The printer works with the help of a print head that has at least 9 pins. The pins on the print head make patterns of dots on paper that closely resemble characters. 24 pin dot matrix print heads are also available for better print quality.

Advantage of Dot Matrix Printers

· Easily available and reasonably priced.

· Capable of creating carbon copies unlike non-impact printers

· The printing ink gradually fades rather than stopping abruptly

· Paper can be used continuously

· Lower maintenance costs than other printer models

· Ideal for industrial environments due to their heat-resistance capabilities

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers

· Low resolution print quality

· Limited color options

· Slower print speed

· Noisier than other printer models

· Print head can get easily damaged

· Winding and aligning the print sheet is hectic and time-consuming

· Gets jammed frequently and fixing this condition is not easy

Printronix P8005ZT Line Matrix Printer

Printronix P8005ZT Line Printer

Line Printers

Line printers work on continuous forms of paper rather than individually cut sheets. They print one line at a time instead of having the print head move back and forth across the width of the page.

Drum printers and line printers are the two common types of line printers. Although line printers were developed in the 30s, they’re still used in high-speed printing today.

Since these devices print one line at a time (rather one character at a time), they have a high printing speed. The speed of line printers typically ranges from 1,100 to 6,000 lines every minute.

Advantages of Line Printers

· High speed makes them suitable for printing in large quantities

· Low cost

· More durable than other models

· Consumables are inexpensive

· Consumables are more environmentally friendly

· Suitable for industrial environments

· Show better resistance to dust and extreme temperatures than other printer types

Disadvantages of Line Printers

· Unsuitable for printing graphics

· Low-quality printouts

· Create a high level of noise while printing

· Continuous paper forms are no longer easily available since they have a low demand

Whether you choose a dot-matrix printer or line printer, today’s technology advances have greatly reduced the disadvantages and increased the advantages . If you’d like to learn more about the newest Printronix printers, talk to a Specialist now at (800) 643-2664.

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