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Oh Baby! Are Printed Barcodes Critical To Healthcare.

Why Printed Barcodes are Critical to the Healthcare Industry

Barry BarcodePatient information tracking is critical, especially for those smaller patients!
by Barry Barcode

Barcoding plays a very critical role in the healthcare and medical industries. This industry has extensive networks of data management, from product acquisition, process tracking, doses, medical records administration, product labeling, dispensing, and inventory management, in addition to patient safety measures. With such a complex system, come issues with human errors, duplications and omissions. Barcode systems can mitigate these risks when implemented successfully.patient identification barcoding

The use of printed barcodes enables patients to be accurately identified their details stored securely. By assigning printed barcodes in the form of wristbands to patients at the point of contact, patient data is easily accessible and can be accessed quickly by the attending physician or nurse. As well, barcodes can be utilised for prescription labeling and lab results, ensuring that the correct medication is prescribed to patients with the right dosages and lab samples don’t get mixed up due to human error.

Barcodes can also help prevent fraud and counterfeiting, by making it easier to identify authentic medical products as they are logged and tracked within the system using a unique ID.

In order for barcoding to work efficiently, it is imperative that operational procedures are synced and that standardization is required so that steps are always followed and products are always correctly processed and distributed. Further, the technology utilized to track and identify the barcodes must be implemented so that the right devices are the right fit and are at the right point of contact or use to easily capture and read the necessary data and connect to the network to access the information required on-demand.

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