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Workforce Mobility Revolution Is On!

workforce mobility revolution
Barry BarcodeWorkforce Revolution is on! Are you ready?
by Peter Printer
2020 will be upon us before we know it. Are you prepared? Microsoft support will be ending then forcing all of us to find alternative mobile OS. Devices and applications are becoming more and more mobile, with increased advanced functionality and intuitive features, and the new phrase for this trend is “workforce mobility revolution”.

Providing more improvements, agility, speed and productivity provides many benefits to companies. Leads to improved customer service levels, higher workforce performance, lowers inefficiencies and offers further advances and profitability.

Workforce Mobility Revolution can provide companies with many benefits such as:

  • Innovation and modernization – implement faster and smarter processes
  • Intel – devices provide more real-time data allowing for better decision making
  • Utilizes Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technological advances

To benefit from these advantages now and not wait until the last minute to change, organizations must first be able to accurately assess their business needs and determine where they are currently positioned and where they want to get to. The operating system, the mobile devices and applications are the three core elements to focus efforts on.

There are 4 Operating Systems to choose from:

  1. Legacy Windows
  2. iOS
  3. Windows 8/10
  4. Android

When determining the best mobile devices to meet your needs, calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is extremely crucial as there are a lot of lifetime costs that need to be factored in not just the initial price tag. As for determining applications, user experience and migration time and costs must be closely examined.

When assessing, the 3 key questions one should ask are:

  1. What device features are most critical to the organization’s operation?
  2. Which operating system provides the functionality and flexibility we require?
  3. What resources do we need to support these upgrades and changes?

These tips should help assist you be prepared and excel mobility well past 2020 and beyond! Zebra’s new mobile devices are ready for the coming revolution.

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