Zebra 105sl Error Code Ribbon Out

zebra 105sl

Zebra 105SL

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Possible Cause: In thermal transfer mode, ribbon is not loaded or incorrectly loaded.

Solution: Load ribbon correctly.

Possible Cause: In thermal transfer mode, the ribbon sensor is not detecting ribbon that is loaded incorrectly.

1. Load ribbon correctly

2.Calibrate the sensors.

Possible Cause: In thermal transfer mode, media is blocking the ribbon sensor.

1. Load media correctly

2.Calibrate the sensors

Possible Cause: In thermal transfer mode, the printer did not detect the ribbon even though it it loaded correctly.

1.Print a sensor profile. The ribbon out of threshold ( marked as the word RIBBON) is likely too high, above the black area that indicates where the ribbon is detected.

2.Calibrate the sensors or load printer defaults.

Possible Cause: If you are using direct thermal media, the printer is waiting for ribbon to be loaded because it is it is incorrectly set for thermal transfer mode.

Solution: Set printer for Direct Thermal mode.

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