Zebra 140Xi4

zebra 140xi4Resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Print methods: Thermal transfer or direct thermal
Construction: 12-gauge steel frame
Single 32 bit 133 Mhz RISC processor
16 MB SDRAM; 8 MB non-volatile Flash memory
Automatic media/ribbon sensing capability
Improved head test for element out
Auto calibration
Part Number: zebra140xi4 Availability: In-Stock
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Product Numbers:
Zebra 140-801-00000, Zebra 140-801-00003, Zebra 140-801-00010, Zebra 140-801-00100, Zebra 140-801-00103, Zebra 140-801-00110, Zebra 140-801-00200, Zebra 140-801-00204, Zebra 140-801-00210, Zebra 140-801-0N010, Zebra 140-804-00000, Zebra 140-804-00103, Zebra 140-804-0N010, Zebra 140-805-00000, Zebra 140-806-00000, Zebra 140-806-0N010, Zebra 140-851-00010, Zebra 140-851-00100, Zebra 140-851-00200, Zebra 40-851-00201, Zebra 140-8E1-00000, Zebra 140-8E1-00100, Zebra 140-8K1-00100, Zebra 140-8K1-00200.