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January 28, 2014 – Zebra Acquires Hart Systems

Zebra Technologies has announced that they have acquired Hart Systems, a company known for “cloud-based physical inventory management solutions,” for roughly $94 million. That estimate could change given post-closing adjustments.
Zebra sees the acquisition as a means by which they can strengthen their “software and hardware solutions for inventory management and pricing, mobile point-of-sale and a broad set of applications for personalized customer engagement to deliver unique insights and efficient retail operations.”zebra technologies logo
“As the recognized leader in self-managed inventory solutions, Hart gives retailers better tools to optimize in-store inventories in an environment of increasingly complex global supply chains,” CEO of Zebra Anders Gustafsson said. “It is an excellent strategic fit for Zebra. Hart’s solutions add high-value software and data analytics capabilities to Zebra, and increase our presence within the Internet of Things ecosystem. The business expands the portfolio of products, solutions and services Zebra provides to current customers, and gives us important relationships with new ones.”
Hart Systems purports to save retailers money, improve their accuracy, attain greater control and provide real-time web-based data analytics through something they have dubbed “Software-as-a-Service solutions.”Hart Systems
“We are thrilled to be entering into an exciting new era with Zebra Technologies,” Hart Systems CEO Edward Tonkon said. “From the outset of our involvement with Zebra, we recognized several opportunities to create value for our customers. Being part of Zebra Technologies will enable us to accelerate the realization of our long-term growth opportunities through building on Zebra’s industry-leading solutions and global reach.”
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