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Field Service Management: Zebra To The Rescue!

Zebra And Field Service Management

Timmy Thermal Safety GearHow is Zebra helping the field service industry?
by Timmy Thermal

Various technologies such as predictive science and high levels of automation are set to be the very next evolution in highly innovative field service management services. This holds true not just for isolated cases but also for a plethora of different companies.

As a matter of fact, it seems that ‘state of the art’ technology in this field is effectively revolutionizing the entire ‘field service management’ domain. Let us see how technological innovation is creating waves in this field:

Augmented and Virtual Reality

It can be stated with a high degree of confidence that both augmented as well as virtual reality technologies have enormous potential when it comes to the ‘field service management domain.’

The trailblazing Oculus Rift VR glasses are now playing an essential role when it comes to employee training modules, especially hands free communication. They are particularly useful in overall inventory management since they can easily help streamline the entire process for various staff members of an organization, enabling them to communicate with each other easily and effortlessly.

High Levels of Automation

Automation is now widely considered to be one of the most essential drivers of high growth for an increasingly large number of business organizations. In fact, this whole concept also helps the employees of a company to improve their productivity quite significantly and to serve their customers in a much better way. This is because automation basically allows immediate access of the inventory to the employees.

In the long run, this makes it considerably easy for them to be able to serve all of their customer’s core requirements.

Currently, the advent of several cloud based field service management software has effectively ensured that it is now quite easy to gain access to customer data. In fact, such software also offers a huge array of cutting edge features to many users such as digital customer interaction, licensing history, technician scheduling, invoicing, and many more.

Zebra Field Repair Solutions: Leading the Way

This is where Zebra comes into the picture. Zebra’s top of the line technological products and services give today’s technicians the access they need, with regard to inventory information, technical specifications as well as ‘state of the art’ direct customer support and communication. This means ever faster repair rates and by extension, a significant reduction in repeat calls for all kinds of hardware as well as software solutions.

Zebra QLn320 Mobile Printer

Zebra Mobile Printers Field service

zebra tc25

Zebra Smart Phone Field Service

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