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March 17, 2015 – Zebra Announces New Logo

Exciting printer news to report … Zebra has a new logo.

Zebra just announced after extensive test marketing, they have officially launched the new Zebra brand and logo. This is new change is an extension of the corporate restructuring of Zebra taking over Motorola and Symbol last year, and incorporating the Enterprise business into Zebra. Formally, the Zebra website states the reason being “since the acquisition of the Enterprise business, we have been on a journey as we work to redefine the new Zebra and create a brand that exemplifies our promise to empower our customers to make better decisions.”zebra new logo

Basically, the new logo is a more modernized version of the old Zebra logo. The Zebra head has been tweaked and slightly modified and the font has been reformatted, and is now white on black background. This updated logo matches the look, feel and tone of the new corporation going forward while not deviating too far from its old core foundation.

In addition to the new logo, all print materials will be updated with the new logo and messaging. The website will contain new features and new, optimized functionality for easier navigation for users to find answers and source information and solutions.

As for timelines when products will contain the new logo, all new Zebra products manufactured will feature the new logo. For already manufactured products previously branded, Motorola will contain either the Symbol or Zebra logos dependent on timing and the product family. Eventually all will be branded with the Zebra logo.

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