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Zebra Intelligent Document Capture

What Is Zebra Intelligent Document Capture?

Barry BarcodeIntelligent Document Capture: The Zebra Way!
by Barry Barcode

Zebra scanner can easily capture documents as well as images easily and conveniently. Thanks to the Zebra scanner, you will never need to depend on a flatbed scanner for any of your image and documentation scanning needs, anymore.

It’s revolutionary – the ‘all in one’ Zebra Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) capability does not only take a highly refined digital image of your most important documents, it automatically enhances them too, while simultaneously decoding any barcodes that may be associated with the document, thanks to its barcode scanning image feature. The Zebra IDC advantage lies in the fact that it is not just cost-effective, but also easier and considerably faster than most of its counterparts, especially when it comes to barcode scanning documents. Going digital with Zebra brings along many other rich benefits, some of which include the following:
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A world of convenience

With a Zebra scanner, all you have to do is simply point and shoot and the machine will do the rest of the work. Thanks to the innate user friendly qualities of the IDC platform, there is no need to adjust the documents or fix tone. The whole point of ‘Intelligent Document Capture’ is that it does all of these things on its own and thus, automatically executes tedious tasks such as detecting the borders of the document. It also automatically aligns it properly and de-skews and brightens the image (if needed) so as to ensure picture-perfect results.

Creates a digital database of all of your important documents

The advantages of digitizing your manual documents collection into a centralized digital database are numerous. Not only can you save and share at the click of an icon, you can also ensure the safety of your precious paperwork and thereby save both time and other resources that would otherwise have been spent in securing and managing a vast number of paper files.

There can be no doubt that the Zebra IDC scanner is your one stop solution to all your digital scanning needs. Shop Zebra Scanners Now >>

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