Zebra GX420t

zebra gx420tResolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Standard: 8 MB SDRAM (3 MB available to user); 4 MB Flash (1.5 MB available to user)
Optional: 64 MB Flash (68 MB total) with real time clock (65.5 MB available to user)
Print width: 4.09″ (104 mm)
Print length: 39″ (991 mm)
Print speed: 6″ (152 mm)/sec
Media sensors: Reflective, Transmissive
Part Number: zebragx420t Availabilty: In-Stock
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Part Numbers:
Zebra GX42-102410-000, Zebra GX42-102410-050, Zebra GX42-102410-100, Zebra GX42-102411-000, Zebra GX42-102411-050, Zebra GX42-102412-000, Zebra GX42-102412-050, Zebra GX42-102420-000, Zebra GX42-102480-000, Zebra GX42-102482-000, Zebra GX42-102510-000, Zebra GX42-102510-050, Zebra GX42-102510-100, Zebra GX42-102511-050, Zebra GX42-102512-000, Zebra GX42-102512-050, Zebra GX42-102580-000, Zebra GX42-102710-050, Zebra GX42-102710-100, Zebra GX42-102711-000, Zebra GX42-102712-000, Zebra GX42-102810-000, Zebra GX42-102811-000, Zebra GX42-102811-100, Zebra GX42-102812-000, Zebra GX42-102812-050, Zebra GX42-102511-000, Zebra GX42-102710-000.

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