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What is Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android mobile computer devices?

zebra lifeguard android
Barry BarcodeHow can Zebra LifeGuard protect your mobile device?
by Barry Barcode

OS security is the top concern for businesses buying new mobile computers today. As cyber-attacks become more and more frequent, users and businesses have become more and more concerned with the level of OS (operating system) security. Product features and price used to be top choice, but now are less of a priority.

Zebra Technologies’ LifeGuard for Android is the industry’s first security lifecycle offering that extends the service life of Android-based mobile computers with critical OS.

LifeGuard for Android minimizes security risks by providing regular OS security updates and prolongs the lifecycle of these mobile computer devices. Consumer OS security support ends after 36 months, but LifeGuard adds 5+ years. This investment can significantly lower the total cost of ownership and this added protection reinforces the Zebra Mobility DNA platform suite of enterprise capabilities for Android. This is offered as part of Zebra OneCare maintenance contract.
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Summary of Key Benefits:

  • enhances mobile computer security
  • extends duration of security support
  • simplifies security support during OS transition
  • frequent updates enhance security and are easy to install either locally, or remotely via Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • deploy updates on your own schedule, never forced to accept an update
  • continuous OS security development with Zebra One Care service contract – provides periodic set of released patches complementing your Zebra OneCare technical support as you advance to newer Android OS versions
  • match enterprise hardware lifecycle
  • significantly decrease TCO (total cost of ownership) and extends investment

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