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Questions Answered About Zebra Mobile Microsoft OS TE

Timmy Thermal TMWhat should you know about Zebra mobile and Microsoft OS or TE?
by Timmy Thermal

3 poignant questions answered by one of the industry’s experts, Keith Falkenhagen, Zebra Technologies’ Manufacturing Vertical Lead.

  • Why is there a need to consider the Microsoft EoS for Legacy Mobile OS even if you aren’t using any legacy Windows applications?
    • At some point they will want to expand to more capabilities and add more terminals, and since the chips are no longer being manufacturer, they will be unavailable and obsolete.
  • How many users are still running green screen terminal emulation?
    • Approximately 10 million
  • What are some of the benefits of utilizing Zebra’s All-Touch TE for our Android-based computers?
    • More productive and progressive
    • Younger users are more used to touch and expect it
    • Less keys to touch, able to customize to suit usage
    • More intuitive, easier to use
    • Less training required

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