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Zebra Printer Repair Options

What Zebra printer repair options are out there?
by Timmy Thermal

So you have a Zebra printer and you are wondering what repair options are available. Whatever type of Zebra printer you have, including thermal label printer, card printer, pax printer, mobile printer, stationary printer, and whatever application such as ticket printing, barcode label printing, identification card printing, package label printing, shipping label printing, airline baggage label printing, and much more, there is an option for all of them.Zebra industrial printer sales

A Zebra thermal printer can be one of the most time and cost saving investments that you can make for your business. Technology, of course, can wear down after time, but with proper maintenance you’ll be able to keep this printer for at least 3x longer than a regular laser printer, especially now with all of the future proofing features that Zebra implements into their products.

Having repair options handy can save you time and frustrations. Keep your printhead clean to maintain it yourself, and using the pause test, you can see if you need repairs, and then here are the best options for your Zebra thermal printer.

Option 1: Warranty
How long have you owned your Zebra thermal printer? If you purchased it recently, it may still be under warranty. cha ching, you can get your Zebra printer fixed for free. Zebra’s warranty covers factory defects, so any wear and tear won’t be a part of this deal. Still, it’s worth a try if you recently bought your printer!

Option 2: Onsite service
If you call MIDCOM, we provide an upstanding onsite service that starts with a managed service call. We get local certified technicians to come out to your place of work, saving you a trip or a ship of the printer. There is then a 30 day guarantee, so if we didn’t fix it right the first time, we’ll be out in a jiffy to make it better. The coolest part is the timeline on things, because for most calls we can be out on the next business day.

Option 3: Service Center Repair
Service Center Repair is offered by Zebra and by MIDCOM. If you decide to go with Zebra, you’ll ship your printer to Illinois, where their depot center is. MIDCOM’s service center repair has some special features. If it so happens that your product is not repairable, you won’t have to pay. If the repair with parts is more than you want to pay, you won’t have to pay. We have flat labor rates plus parts, and the turnaround is quicker than any other depot service available (1-2 day turnaround on average). Plus you get a 60 day guarantee, so if it breaks again within that time, we’ll repair it for you to look good as new.

Option 4: Contracts
Contracts are probably your best bet if you’re a savvy businessperson. It includes all parts, labor and travel. There are unlimited service calls, priority response (so you’ll be on top of the list for repairs in your area when you call), and here’s the really cool part. With MIDCOM you can purchase a multi-year plan. If our prices ever go up, you won’t have to pay a higher premium, and you’ll be locked into your low price for multiple years.

Of course, you should always have a plan, but we also offer a FREE ebook which details tips on how to keep your printer operational: 10 RULES YOU SHOULD KNOW TO KEEP YOUR THERMAL PRINTER OPERATIONAL. That’ll give you an extra boost of confidence with your printer. If you’re interested in a contract or simple need a service, call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664 and you can always chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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