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How Is Zebra RFID MotionWorks Helping Professional Sports

Timmy Thermal TMZebra MotionWorks™: Tracking Players in Real-Time
by Timmy Thermal

Thanks to its vast experience in building similar products, Zebra has gone on to boldly challenge the prevailing status quo in the world of professional sports through the introduction of its revolutionary patented RFID technology. It has done this to be able deliver an otherwise paradigm-shifting, unique, and state of the art player tracking system that is a first in the world of high end professional sports.

The Zebra MotionWorks™ Sport effectively enables a treasure trove of data for better real-time insight for not just sportsmen alone, but also their coaches, managers, as well as laymen.

As a matter of fact, the full spectrum of the true capabilities of this system continues to be ably leveraged across a broad spectrum of multiple sports related disciples, and this is why its impact is deemed to be considerably significant. This is because such fresh and new player tracking insights will easily be able change exactly how fans are able to relate to the world of sports with the help of multiple cross channel engagements that can effectively transform the concepts of both coaching, as well as player related personnel evaluations. Especially amongst a veritable plethora of individuals, that is both players and their fan base, alike.

o The measurement of athlete performance in real-time

MotionWorks Sport has been able to effectively revolutionize how different scouts, coaches and trainers are able to evaluate different players (regardless of the disciple they are playing in). Such solutions allow the trainers to help ensure that the athletes they are training undergo a rigorous training regimen that will effectively enable them to retain their peak performance with the help of the development of bespoke training plans that have been based on individual metrics as well as the fatigue thresholds of each and every player, per se.

Such proprietary software also effectively enables NFL’s coaches to be able to sync with the official Game Day data nodes and integrate the same, in their system so as to quickly optimize their training.

o Training and coaching

Zebra’s MotionWorks solution also effectively enables a fairly consistent, data forward analysis method as well. This method, in turn, enables the coaches to be able to strategize the various in-game and in-practice techniques while using their own real-time data so as to be able to adapt and be really nimble while calling out their plays.

Whether evaluating grouping or assessing route running patterns, and formations, or analyzing the different types of separation distances on various pass coverages oreven assessingthe volume of quarterback pressure, there are many highly customizable applications thatcan be utilized with the help of this technology.

In the light of the above, we can safely conclude that the Zebra’s patented MotionWorks technology has effectively changed the very face of sports related technology, as we know it today.

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