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Zebra Error Codes

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Zebra S4M Error Code Head Element Bad

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zebra s4m

Zebra S4M


1.The printerhead may be hot enough to cause sever burns. Allow the printhead to cool.

2. Before touching the metal printhead assembly, discharge any built up static electricity by touching the metal printer frame or by using an anti-static wriststrap and mat.

Possible Cause:
The printhead is not installed.

The printhead data cable is not connected.

The printhead is bad.

Caution: Turn off (O) the printer before performing this procedure. Failure to do so can damage the printhead.

1. Turn off(O) the printer.

2. Disconnect and reconnect the data cable to the printhead.

3. Ensure that the cable connector is fully inserted into the printhead.

4. Turn on (I) the printer.

5. If the problem persists, replace the printhead.

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