Zebra S4M

zebra s4mResolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
Memory: 4MB Flash, 8MB DRAM
Print width: 4.09″/104 mm
Print length: 203 dpi: 157″/3,988 mm and 300dpi: 73″/1854 mm (optional)
Print speed: 203 dpi: 6″ (152 mm)/sec
300 dpi: 6″ (152 mm)/sec
Part Number: zebras4m Availability: In-Stock
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Part Numbers:
Zebra S4M00-2001-0100D, Zebra S4M00-2001-0100T, Zebra S4M00-2001-0110T, Zebra S4M00-2001-0400D, Zebra S4M00-2001-0400T, Zebra S4M00-2001-040ET, Zebra S4M00-2001-0700D, Zebra S4M00-2001-0700T, Zebra S4M00-2001-0710T, Zebra S4M00-2001-0800D, Zebra S4M00-2001-0800T, Zebra S4M00-2001-1100D, Zebra S4M00-2001-1100T, Zebra: S4M00-2001-1110D, Zebra S4M00-2001-1400D, Zebra S4M00-2001-1400T, Zebra S4M00-2001-1700D, Zebra S4M00-2001-1700T, Zebra S4M00-2001-1800T, Zebra S4M00-2001-2100D, Zebra S4M00-2001-2100T, Zebra S4M00-2001-2410T, Zebra S4M00-2001-2700D, Zebra S4M00-2001-2700T, Zebra S4M00-2004-0100T, Zebra S4M00-2004-0700T, Zebra S4M00-2005-0700T, Zebra S4M00-2009-0100T, Zebra S4M00-200E-0110D, Zebra S4M00-200E-0400T, Zebra S4M00-200E-1100T, Zebra S4M00-2011-0100T, Zebra S4M00-2011-010NT, Zebra S4M00-2011-0700T, Zebra S4M00-2011-0800T, Zebra S4M00-2011-1100T, Zebra S4M00-2101-0100D, Zebra S4M00-2101-0100T, Zebra S4M00-2101-0110T, Zebra S4M00-2101-0700D, Zebra S4M00-2101-0700T, Zebra S4M00-2101-0800T, Zebra S4M00-2101-1100D, Zebra S4M00-2101-1100T, Zebra S4M00-2101-1700D, Zebra S4M00-2101-1710T, Zebra S4M00-2104-0100D, Zebra S4M00-2104-1200T, Zebra S4M00-2111-1800T, Zebra S4M00-2111-2800T, Zebra S4M00-3001-0100D, Zebra S4M00-3001-0100T, Zebra S4M00-3001-0400D, Zebra S4M00-3001-0400T, Zebra S4M00-3001-0700D, Zebra S4M00-3001-0700T, Zebra S4M00-3001-0710T, Zebra S4M00-3001-0800D, Zebra S4M00-3001-0800T, Zebra S4M00-3001-1100T, Zebra S4M00-3001-1110T, Zebra S4M00-3001-1700T, Zebra S4M00-3001-2100T, Zebra S4M00-3001-2700T, Zebra S4M00-3004-0700T, Zebra S4M00-300E-1100D, Zebra S4M00-3011-0100T, Zebra S4M00-3011-0700T, Zebra S4M00-3011-1400T, Zebra S4M00-3011-1700T.