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Zebra Technologies ZT400 Series for Manufacturing

By Timmy Thermal

Hey are you in manufacturing and thinking about adding a new thermal printer to your routine? Lucky for you, a new series of Zebra printers just came out and they are full of quality and innovative features that will have you lining up to get one. The series is called the ZT400 family.

Below I’ve made a chart of the ZT410 and the ZT420 so you can see what features they have. The innovative new options included on these printers are the use of usb, ethernet, serial and Bluetooth, as well as wifi connectability, which can be removed to help for future proofing. This way you can take it with you far into the future so it’s a great time to be in the market for a thermal printer.

ZT410 ZT420
Max print width 4” 6”
Max print speed 14 ips 12 ips
Print res direct thermal and thermal transfer direct thermal and thermal transfer
User interface lcd lcd
Standard connectivity serial, usb, ethernet, Bluetooth serial usb, ethernet, Bluetooth

ZT400 series Zebra thermal printers are the perfect tool for product identification. You can print the name of the product and distinguishing information, because the ZT400 series prints super fast at 12-14 inches per second. Zap that label with your barcode scanner and you don’t even have to think about anything, it’s just done.

Packaging is another benefit that your ZT400 will aid with. You can print out labels for receiving and putting away quickly, and label things that are work in process that might have information that needs to be updated regularly.

Manufacturing processes are technical and precise, so let the ZT400 series of thermal printers keep your processes your priority, rather than keeping up with physical inventories. If you’re interested in one of these printers, call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664 and you can always chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn! We also provide Zebra printer repair for those of you who already have one!

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