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Zebra Wherenet Real-Time Locating System Helps Organize Inventory

zebra wherenet real-time locating system
Timmy Thermal Safety GearHow can Zebra Wherenet Real-Time Locating System help organize your business?
by Timmy Thermal

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. The wireless RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people and the fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to determine their location.

Zebra’s version is branded as WhereNet provides a world-class platform providing accurate real-time long-range visibility of assets and personnel, thus providing better data for optimal operational management. There are 5 categories – WhereTag, WhereLAN, WhereCall, WhereWand, and WherePort. Each of the products are designed for applications requiring the ability to sense objects and staff across large areas of space and in all environmental conditions. Below is a quick summary of the benefits each offers:

Zebra WhereTag

• battery powered
• fully sealed and rugged for indoor and outdoor environments
• offered in two form factors – multimode RTLS asset tracking tag and a tag designed to transmit serial messages
• range over 1 mile

zebra wheretag

Zebra WhereLAN

• sensor processes low-power signals emitted by Zebra’s RTLS tags for the ultimate in asset tracking visibility
• wireless time synchronization suitable for heavy-industrial environments
• low-power consumption for solar-powered options
• location accuracy of up to one meter

zebra where lan

Zebra WhereCall

• is a wireless electronic Kanban system
• provides wireless messaging
• long battery life lowers cost of ownership

zebra where call

Zebra WhereWand

• workings in conjunction with a hand-held computer
• simple user interface
• built-in barcode scanner permits fast entry of RTLS tag IDs
• enables users to configure all WhereNet tags, exciters, sensors and access points

zebra wherenet real-time locating system scanners

Zebra WherePort

• triggers asset tags
• 3 types – suitable for indoor, outdoor and harsh environments
• real time function control
• high precision range control
• thin profile design

zebra where port

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