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Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro

zebra workforce pro ptt
Barry BarcodeHow can the Zebra Workforce Connect: PTT Pro help workers stay connected?
by Barry Barcode

PTT (or Push-To-Talk) is a method of having instant conversations over wi-fi, cellular networks or other communication lines, such as radios or walkie-talkies using a momentary button to switch from voice reception mode to transmit mode.

Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Pro is a very secure and robust cloud-based solution. Users can communicate 1-to-1 and also in groups between multiple users and wi-fi or cellular networks. As it is called, it can connect your entire workforce at the touch of a button. It is extremely easy to deploy and manage. There is no equipment required to be purchased or monitored. Supported on Zebra enterprise-class Android mobile devices, including: MC40, TC55, TC70 and TC75 mobile computers running Jelly Bean or higher.

Overview of Benefits:

  • Instant access to entire workforce
  • Voice and data workflows are integrated – maximizing productivity and minimizing steps and cycle times for faster and better outcomes
  • Lowers operating costs – reduction in the number of devices required and removes need to manage additional platforms in the data center
  • Easy and simple deployment
  • Allows for customizable solutions so you can deploy the features you require now and add more as you require
  • Groups can include up to 250 subscribers
  • Users can easily view the status of every PTT user in their address book
    • zebra workforce connect in use

    • if they are available to take a call
    • busy on a phone call
    • off line
    • in Do Not Disturb mode (calls are still received and logged, but audible alerts are silenced)
  • Provides alerts (tones, vibration and visual indicators) when inbound messages are received
  • High Security – provides end-to-end encrypted secure messages, preventing others from listening into other conversations

Features Include:

  • PTT Express – complimentary client enables instant PTT group calling between Zebra mobile computers, two-way radios over your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Voice – turns Zebra mobile computers into fully-featured mobile PBX deskphones with advanced functionality and a customizable experience
  • PTT Pro – communicate one-to-one and one-to-many over Wi-FI and/or cellular networks
  • Enterprise Messaging – is a text messaging cloud-based solution that allows users to communicate in a private or a group messaging conversation over Wi-Fi and cellular networks

For more information on the PTT technology and to learn more about mobile device options call us as (800) 643-2664 and immediately talk to one of our friendly representatives; or chat us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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