Zebra ZM600

zebra zm60016 MB DRAM, 8MB Flash
203dpi (8 dots/mm) printhead
RS-232C Serial Interface
High Speed, IEEE 1284, Bi-Directional Parallel Interface
USB 2.0
Transmissive and reflective media sensors
Multi-lingual backlit 240×128 pixel graphic display
Color-coded operator cues
RFID Ready
Part Number: zebrazm600 Availability: In-Stock
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Part Numbers:
Zebra ZM600-2001-0000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-02E0T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0300T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0600T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0700T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1300T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1700T, Zebra ZM600-2001-3000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5600T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5700T, Zebra ZM600-2005-5000T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0000T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2011-01J0T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0600T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0700T, Zebra ZM600-2011-1000T, Zebra ZM600-2101-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2111-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0200T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0300T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0600T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0700T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1300T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1700T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5200T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5700T, Zebra ZM600-3005-1000T, Zebra ZM600-300E-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3011-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-1100T, Zebra ZM600-3011-3000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-50N0T.