Zebra ZM600

zebra zm600

16 MB DRAM, 8MB Flash
203dpi (8 dots/mm) printhead
RS-232C Serial Interface
High Speed, IEEE 1284, Bi-Directional Parallel Interface
USB 2.0
Transmissive and reflective media sensors
Multi-lingual backlit 240×128 pixel graphic display
Color-coded operator cues
RFID Ready
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Product Description
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Zebra ZM600

Zebra’s Z Series industrial printer is upgradable with RFID for smart label encoding. Make warehouse or inventory management more efficient with Zebra Z Series printers. Zebra Z Series allows for high-speed, high-volume printing. The XML printing option allows for direct connection to ERP applications.

More Standard Features

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal operating modes (can only use one mode at a time)
  • Die-cast aluminum base, frame, and printhead mechanism
  • Metal media cover with large clear window
  • 16 MB DRAM, 8MB Flash
  • 203dpi (8 dots/mm) printhead
  • RS-232C Serial Interface
  • High Speed, IEEE 1284, Bi-Directional Parallel Interface
  • USB 2.0
  • Transmissive and reflective media sensors
  • Multi-lingual backlit 240×128 pixel graphic display
  • Color-coded operator cues
  • RFID Ready
  • 7 bitmapped and 1 scalable font (CG Triumvarate Bold Condensed)
  • 32-bit processor
  • Auto-calibration
  • Auto detectable (90V – 265V) power supply
  • Element Energy Equalizer™ (E3®) (for print head energy control)
  • Real Time Clock
  • Unicode™ – Compliant
  • Quick change printhead and platen
  • Charcoal gray form design (for improved smudge resistance)
  • ZPL® or ZPLII® (Zebra Programming Language®)

Printer Specifications

Resolution: 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
300 dpi (12 dots/mm)

  • 16 MB DRAM
  • 8 MB Flash
  • 64 MB Factory-Installed On-Board Optional Flash (optional)

Print width: 6.6″ (168 mm)
Print length

  • Length with 203 dpi: 102″ (2,591 mm)
  • Length with 300 dpi (optional): 45″ (1,143 mm)

Print speed: 203 dpi
10″ (254 mm)/sec
300 dpi
8″ (203 mm)/sec
Media sensors: Reflective, Transmissive

Media Characteristics

Maximum label and liner width

  • 7″ (178 mm) – tear & cutter
  • 6.75″ (171 mm) – peel & rewind

Minimum label and liner width: 2″ (51 mm) – tear & cutter, peel & rewind
Maximum label and liner length: 39″ (991 mm)
Maximum roll diameter: 8″ (203 mm)
Core diameter: 3″ (76 mm)
Media thickness: .0023″ (.058 mm) to .010″ (0.25 mm)
Media types: black mark, continuous, die-cut, fanfold, notch, perforated, tag stock

Ribbon Characteristics

Outside diameter: 3.2″ (81.3 mm)
Standard length: 1476′ (450 m)
Ratio: 3:1 media roll to ribbon ratio
Ribbon width: 2″ (51 mm) to 6.85″ (174 mm)
Ribbon setup: Ribbon wound ink side out
ID Core: 1.0″ (25.4 mm)

Operating Characteristics

Operating temperature TT: Operating
Temperature: 40° F (5° C) to 104° F (40° C)

Thermal transfer DT: Operating temperature: 32° F (0° C) to 104° F (40° C)

Direct thermal Storage temperatures: -40° F (-40° C) to 140° F (60° C)
Operating humidity: 20-85% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 5/85% non-condensing
Electrical: Universal auto-detectable (PFC-compliant) power supply 90-265 VAC
Agency approvals

  • IEC 60950-1 EN 55022 Class B
  • EN 55024
  • EN 61000-3-2
  • EN 61000-3-3

Physical Characteristics

Width: 13.4″ (341 mm)
Height: 13.3″ (338 mm)
Depth: 18.7″ (475 mm)
Weight: 34.7 lbs (16 kg)
Shipping weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg)

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  • 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) printhead
  • 64 MB Factory-Installed, On-Board Flash Memory (58 MB user available)
  • Cutter with catch tray
  • Value peel (front mount, passive peel option with no liner take-up)
  • Rewind, internally rewinds full label roll on three-inch core (comes with taller, non-standard printer base)
  • RFID Field Upgrade Kit
  • ZebraDesigner
  • ZebraDesigner Pro
  • ZebraDesigner for XML
  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise
  • Printhead conversion kits
  • ZebraCare Extended Warranty
  • European and Asian font sets
  • APL-I/APL-D firmware (contact Zebra Development Services for additional details)
  • ZebraNet Wireless Plus Print Server
  • ZebraNet b/g Print Server

Communication and Interface Capabilities

  • USB 2.0
  • RS-232C serial port
  • RS 232 to RS-422/485 serial port adaptor
  • RS232 DB9 to DB25 adaptor
  • High speed, IEEE 1284, bi-directional parallel interface
  • ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server
  • ZebraNet Wireless Plus Print Server
  • ZebraNet b/g Print Server

Programming Languages

Core programming languages: XML, ZPL II, ZPL, EPL

Bar Codes/Symbologies

Linear Codabar
Code 11
Code 128 with subsets A/B/C and UCC case codes
Code 39
Code 93
Industrial 2-of-5
Interleaved 2-of-5
Planet Code
RSS (reduced space symbology)
Standard 2-of-5
UPC and EAN 2 or 5 digit extensions
2-dimensional Aztec
Code 49
Data Matrix
QR Code
RSS / GS1 DataBar family (12 barcodes)

Fonts and Graphics

  • Standard fonts: 7 bitmapped, 1 smooth scalable (CG Triumvirate Bold Condensed)
  • Sets: IBM Code Page 850 International character set
  • Optional European and Asian font sets
  • Supports user-defined fonts and graphics, including custom logos
  • ZPL II drawing commands, including boxes and lines

*Specifications are subject to change without notice


Product Brochure Download (984KB)

Part Numbers:
Zebra ZM600-2001-0000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-02E0T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0300T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0600T, Zebra ZM600-2001-0700T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1300T, Zebra ZM600-2001-1700T, Zebra ZM600-2001-3000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5000T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5100T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5200T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5600T, Zebra ZM600-2001-5700T, Zebra ZM600-2005-5000T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0000T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2011-01J0T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0600T, Zebra ZM600-2011-0700T, Zebra ZM600-2011-1000T, Zebra ZM600-2101-0100T, Zebra ZM600-2111-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0200T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0300T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0600T, Zebra ZM600-3001-0700T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1300T, Zebra ZM600-3001-1700T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3000T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-3100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5100T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5200T, Zebra ZM600-3001-5700T, Zebra ZM600-3005-1000T, Zebra ZM600-300E-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-0100T, Zebra ZM600-3011-1000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-1100T, Zebra ZM600-3011-3000T, Zebra ZM600-3011-50N0T

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