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Zebra ZT400 Series Smartphones

Are you getting the most out of your smartphone in the workplace
by Timmy Thermal

Have you ever realized how many things your smartphone can do? Just think about it. It can be used to play the newest games, start your car, help you get physically fit, locate the nearest seafood restaurant, check the score of your favorite sports team, and so much more. Not to mention – make a call. Really, who uses smartphones to make a call?

With all this technology, why wouldn’t you use it in your workplace. Many companies provide this technology to their customers in the form of apps and mobile websites. This makes it easier for their customers to do business with them when using smartphones. In a December 2013 report by Nielsen it shows that people spent more time on their mobile devices then they did browsing the Web on a PC.
mobile usage december 2013

Well, Zebra Technologies has thought about it. Their new ZT400 series printers have the smartphone capabilities built right in. Zebra’s new ZT400 series offers Link-OS Print Touch easy Bluetooth pairing & troubleshooting, as well as Wi-Fi and Apple (MFI) certification.

zebra zt400 series smartphonesThe Zebra ZT400 series is compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad and works great for mobile employees doing asset management, cross docking, inventory management, lab sample tracking, receiving/shipping, reverse logistics, work-in-progress tracking, compliance labeling, information labeling, medical record labeling, order labeling, prescription labeling, quality control, and many other work functions. The Zebra ZT400 series comes in two models including the ZT410 with 4 inch label printing capability and ZT420 with 6 inch label printing capability.
Mobile employees and smartphones are the future of the workforce. Having the tools that accommodate them both – is priceless. Let us know what you think about the Zebra ZT400 Series on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn! As always, we’re just a call away for all of your industrial printer needs at (800) MIDCOM-4 Service (800-643-2664).

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