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Zebra ZT410 End of Sale

Soon the Zebra ZT410 will be phased out. So what’s next?

zebra zt410

The Zebra ZT410 is being phased out in favor of a new and improved model, the Zebra ZT411. The Zebra ZT410 together with the ZT420, ZT420R and the ZT410R will end soon. They will be replaced by the newer and better ZT421, ZT421R and the ZT411R. The newer models will feature improved features, including better connectivity options and color displays. These models will have Zebra’s Print DNA software installed, which works by means of Link-OS. For versatility and to serve a broader range of applications, the models will be available in 2 print widths and 3 print resolutions.


The production of the ZT410 will be halted as it did not have enough demand. The newer SKU considerations will go into production if there is a request that allows the minimum volume requirements to be met.

Transition Period

There will be a 6-month period during which transition will be made from the older Zebra ZT410 to the newer Zebra ZT411. Customers can contact MIDCOM Service Group to commence the transition process as soon as possible.

High Compatibility

All of the media handling parts, accessories and the options in the ZT410 will have compatibility with the ZT411 besides the WLAN card. While the ZT410 has the 802.11n WLAN Option Card, the ZT411 will have the 802.11ac WLAN option card.

New Features

The ZT411 will have many new features over the ZT410 which is currently in production (but being transitioned). The new model will have a wealth of features like applicator card compatibility, dual USB ports, adjustable reflective and transmissive sensors, Bluetooth 4.1, printhead element detection, touch color user interface as well as support for the state-of-the-art Link-OS architecture.

Drop-In Replacement

The good news is that although the new ZT411 model will have an array of new features, it can still act as a drop-in replacement for the older ZT410 model.

The new ZT411 printer will have the newer 802.11ac WLAN option card. The latest printer model is also capable of supporting the Applicator Option Card which will function in the same way as it does for other compatible Zebra industrial printers.

A protective adhesive film is also provided for the keyboard and display to safeguard them in tough conditions.

Zebra ZT411

zebra zt411

The Zebra ZT411 is versatile enough to meet all of your evolving industrial needs. It has all the features that you need to keep it operating efficiently even in harsh environments. Its advanced technology includes versatile connectivity options as well as a generously sized color display. These high-tech features empower the printer to function reliably and deliver even under challenging conditions. It has everything you require to satisfy your evolving requirements. The new printer model is versatile and adaptive so that it can operate under diverse conditions.

Whether it is installing the printer, operating it or integrating it with your network, all of these tasks are simplified due to the intuitive interface that is easy to master.

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