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What Are 6 Important Key Features To Consider When Buying A Barcode Scanner?

barcode scanners 6 key features
Barry BarcodeWhat are 6 key features to consider before purchasing your next mobile barcode scanner handheld computer?
by Barry Barcode

In the market for a new mobile barcode scanner handheld computer? So what are the features needed on mobile barcode scanner handheld computer for better asset tracking. Entering data faster and more accurately certainly isn’t rocket science but it sure is crucial when tracking your valuable assets. This is extremely true when it is imperative that the items require tracking to maintain compliance or were qualified and sourced through grants. You want to ensure you pass the audit and don’t lose the funding.

Keep these 6 features in mind when looking for a scanner that best suits your needs:considering buying barcode scanner

  1. Ease of use – You want your staff to be able to learn how to use the new barcode scanner handheld computer with minimal time and expense. Take advantage of companies that offer trials or demos. They are a great way to check out the technology and test its suitability before committing to it.
  2. Integrating with existing technology – Make sure you carefully understand how your current system operates and what you require before implementing additional components into the mix. If it can’t support the scanner you are considering, you won’t be able to integrate it without high costs and additional conflicts. A big no-no!
  3. Size – There is a wide range of sizes to choose from. Do you require mobile pocket size versions or are the full-size brick scanners a better fit for your environment?
  4. Symbology – Not all barcode scanner handheld computers can scan both 1D and 2D bar codes so it is important to determine which type or both your will require. 1D bar codes are the most common and found on virtually everything sold. 2D bar codes, such as QR, are becoming more widely used and are popular on marketing displays and advertising.
  5. Connections – What will you be connecting to? To a PC or data collection device? Wireless or corded? The benefit of wireless using Bluetooth or radio frequency is that the user is mobile and not limited by the length of cord. The scanner can be moved to the bar code eliminating the need to move the item to the scanner. Depending on the application, each has their benefits.
  6. Scan engines – There are 3 different types of scan engines within scanners – laser, CCD or imager. These engines determine the speed and scanning distance of scanners. Scanners with a laser scan engine generally are faster than CCD or imager scans. If you have large volumes of information being scanned, the speed and distance can play a big difference in which engine would be most effective and efficient.

Now that I have run through these key features, you’re well prepared to source that next mobile barcode scanner handheld computer.

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