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TC55 Motorola Solutions

By Barry Barcode

When you think of an iPhone do you think of durability and reliability? Maybe you do, but in the case of rugged, outdoor careers where one must endure some more extreme elements, an iPhone wouldn’t last a week! Today we’re talking about the TC55 by Motorola solutions, and it is the first in its class for use in hard environments with the user friendliness and aesthetics that are closer to the phones that we use at home.

Since many people may be using the TC55, and for long durations, Motorola has designed it to have easy battery changes. Because it’s used outside, it’s got shock protection and there’s no guilt in dropping it.

Its operating system is fitted with Android 4.1.2 but with MX extensions, making it more manageable and more secure.

Afraid of the rain? It’s no big deal, the screen is fitted with a digitizer technology making it rain proof, and even if you drop it in a puddle or a lake, it’ll still work. The speakers are on the front so even if it’s loud in your warehouse or site, the rugged application will speak directly at you and to you. It’s loud too, at 4x higher volume than a commercial phone.  Here’s an amazing video demonstrating how resistant it is to water.

The battery is high capacity, the highest that is available on the market. This means you’ll be able to work your long shifts without worrying about charging.  It also has Bluetooth, and an integrated GPS, so you’ll never get lost if you’re working with maps or transporting things.

Here at MIDCOM, we really like rugged modbile capabilities. For more options you can head over to our rugged tablets, or mobile scanners. You can always give us a call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664 and you can chat us up on Facebook, Twitter,Google+ and LinkedIn!


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