Rugged Mobile Tablet Technology

TC55 Motorola Solutions

By Barry Barcode When you think of an iPhone do you think of durability and reliability? Maybe you do, but…

Rugged Ralph

Rugged Tablet PCs Can Improve Productivity

Save Money and Boost Efficiency with Rugged Tablet PCs by Rugged Ralph We’ve talked about the benefits that technology brings…

Rugged Ralph

DT390 is end of life

DT Research has made the DT390 and end of life product. by Rugged Ralph How it’s going guys? I was…

Rugged Ralph

How To Choose A Rugged Tablet Computer

Why Can’t I Choose A Rugged Tablet by Rugged Ralph Why are so many people having trouble choosing a rugged…

Rugged Ralph

iPad Is Not For Harsh Environments

Don’t try to use an iPad® for rugged work by Rugged Ralph While the iPad® is truly a technology advancement…

Rugged Ralph

The New Motorola HC1 Headset Computer

The Hands Free Computer to Work From Anywhere by Rugged Ralph Don’t you hate that feeling when you walk into…


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