The New Motorola HC1 Headset Computer

The Hands Free Computer to Work From Anywhere
by Rugged Ralph

Don’t you hate that feeling when you walk into a room and completely forget what you went in there for?

Now imagine that, instead of walking in the room, you are hoisted 20 feet in the air working on a utility box. Well those days are no more with new HC1 headset computer from Motorola. The HC1 headset provides an innovative, hands-free solution to obtaining critical data on demand.

The HC1 leverages Motorola’s mobile computing expertise to fundamentally change the wireless hands-free mobile communications technology, by providing an easily accessible solution for remotely accessing wireless and network infrastructures in the field. The headset by design optimizes the weight and balance and allows for configuration of the micro-display and near-ear loudspeaker to best suit your needs.

Motorola HC1 Headset ComputerAlong with the removable comfort pads and adjustable straps to custom fit, the headset can to be worn for hours without discomfort. The Motorola HC1 headset allows for the transfer of data between the headset computer and remote networks, along with a cost efficient way to connect with technician experts that cannot physically make it to the site.

The Motorola HC1 headset computer is outfitted with:

  • An OMAP3 dual core processor
  • WLAN (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, and USB connectivity
  • Full color, SVGA, Transmissive TFT (800×600) micro-display with a full virtual 15 inch monitor position right below your line of sight, with configuration options for either eye
  • Advanced speech recognition software supporting up to 6 languages and noise canceling
  • Integrated 9-axis head-tracking technology with a digital compass
  • 3D graphics accelerator
  • Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Professional

With the implementation of this headset for industries that have maintenance, repair and/or operations, it will keep the workers hands-free to complete the tasks at hand efficiently, while also eliminating the down time of having to disengage from the work environment to look up data that is not available on-hand. It also provides the added ability to complete inspection reports, work orders, and maintenance records by voice. Eliminating the need for touchscreens or paper-based processes.

So if your business coordinates a lot of maintenances, repair and/or operations, the Motorola HC1 Headset is one powerful piece of hardware. A definite must have … you won’t regret it!

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