barcode scanning short range

What’s The Difference Between Long Range And Short Range Barcode Scanners?

What are short range barcode scanners? by Barry Barcode If you’ve been reading MIDCOM’s recent blogs, you might get the…

Improve Patient Healthcare Visibility

Patient safety is the most important healthcare concern, how can visibility improve it? by Barry Barcode In the healthcare industry…

Zebra MC40-HC

Improve patient safety, the patient experience and healthcare staff productivity with the fully-featured pocket-sized Zebra MC40-HC. Android 5.1 Lollipop with…

smarter warehouse zebra mobile hand-held devices

How Can You Make Your Warehouse Smarter With Zebra Mobile Hand-Held Devices?

by Barry Barcode Looking for ways to optimize your supply chain processes and grow your warehouse distribution operations? Smarter warehouse…

printer contracts back-to-school

School Is Almost Here! Are Your Printers Ready?

by Peter Printer It’s August and we’re closing in on the end of summer vacation for our American school systems….

How Is Android Helping The Manufacturing Worforce With Mobility?

So how is Android helping the manufacturing mobile workforce? by Barry Barcode Rugged, Android devices such as mobile barcode scanning…

Zebra ZT600 Series replaces Xi Series

Zebra Technologies Inc. has announced that in addition to the launch of the new ZT500 Series, they are also set…

Why Rent Barcode Scanners Over Purchasing?

by Barry Barcode Barcode scanners are an essential must if you are looking to optimize your business practices regarding inventory…

Zebra ZT500 Series Replaces 105SL Series

Zebra Technologies Inc. has announced that the new ZT500 Series is set to replace their existing 105SL+ as of July…

Zebra ZT620

USB 2.0, high-speed, RS-232 Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 Transmissive and reflective media sensors Highly visible color display Simplified icon…

Zebra ZT610

USB 2.0, high-speed, RS-232 Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 Transmissive and reflective media sensors Highly visible color display Simplified icon…

grocery store inventory control

Grocery Store Inventory Control

What is the importance of inventory control in grocery stores? by Barry Barcode When you ask a grocery store how…

refurbished thermal label printers productivity

Refurbished Thermal Label Printers Increase Productivity At Less Cost?

Sure refurbished thermal label printers cost less, but can they increase productivity? Timmy Thermal So what are benefits of buying…

Zebra ZT510

Metal frame cover USB 4.0, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth® LE Transmissive and reflective media sensors Backlit, multi-line display including an…

barcode scanning frequent questions

Barcode Scanning Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

What are frequently asked questions about barcode scanning? by Barry Barcode I love talking about barcoding and thought it might…

Datamax-O’Neil I-Class Mark II I-4310e Refurbished

Print width (max) 4.16″(105.7 mm) Print length range* 0.25″- 99″ (6.35 – 2514.6 mm) Print speed 10 IPS (304 mm/s)…

barcode scanners 6 key features

What Are 6 Important Key Features To Consider When Buying A Barcode Scanner?

What are 6 key features to consider before purchasing your next mobile barcode scanner handheld computer? by Barry Barcode In…


Resolutions: 203dpi, 300dpi, 406dpi Print width (max) 4.25″ (108 mm) Print length (max) 15.75″ (4.8 mm) Part Number: intermecp43 Availability:…

zebra thermal barcode printer maintenance tips

Top 15 Tips For Zebra Thermal Barcode Printer Maintenance

15 maintenance tips to keep your Zebra thermal barcode printer operational. by Timmy Thermal If a Zebra thermal barcode printer…

wireless barcode printing

How Can Wireless Barcode Printing Improve Productivity?

How to remove the tether with wireless barcode printing? Timmy Thermal More and more businesses are investing in wireless barcode…


Product Numbers: 99-147A006-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-147A003-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-147A002-00LF, 99-147A002-70LF


Product Numbers: 99-135A001-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-135A002-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-141A002-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-141A001-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-051A003-00LF, 99-051A003-70LF


Product Numbers: 99-051A002-00LF, 99-051A002-70LF


Product Numbers: 99-051A001-00LF


Product Numbers: 99-051A003-00LF, 99-051A003-70LF


Product Numbers: 99-151A002-00LF

tsc thermal label printer


Product Numbers: 99-151A001-00LF

manufacturing process traceability

Is Asset Traceablility Possible In The Manufacturing Process?

How can a company control traceabiliy of their assets in the manufacturing process? by Barry Barcode Traceability in the manufacturing…

automated labeling honeywell

How Is Automated Labeling Helping A Swimming Pool Manufacturer?

How is a National swimming pool manufacturing company benefiting from automated labeling? Timmy Thermal A great example of why and…

sato logistic track trace solutions

How To Keep Up With The Speed Of Logistics Supply Chain Challenges?

How can a company keep up with the speed of today’s logistics supply chain challenges? by Timmy Thermal Providing a…

Is Ribbon Wrinkle Making You Frustrated? Here Are Easy Steps To Fix It.

How to fix ribbon wrinkle on a thermal label printer. 6 easy steps. by Timmy Thermal We get a lot…

rugged datamax-oneil rl4

How Rugged Is The Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil) RL4e?

So how rugged is the Honeywell (Datamax-O’Neil) RL4e? How rugged do you need it? by Timmy Thermal We’ve all been…

zebra lifeguard android

What is Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android mobile computer devices?

How can Zebra LifeGuard protect your mobile device? by Barry Barcode OS security is the top concern for businesses buying…

zebra smartpack transprotation logistics

Zebra SmartPack Solutions For Transportation & Logistics

How can the Zebra SmartPack Solution Suite help loading efficiencies for transportation and logistics? by Timmy Thermal Zebra Technologies just…

MIDCOM Joins The CSCMP Association

MIDCOM is excited to announce that they are a member of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) and proud…