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Zebra Repair Service Contracts

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Zebra Printer Service Contracts

#1 Zebra printer repair service company with over 3,500 certified technicians. Get quote for your Zebra printers today!

  • Priority Response Times – Onsite in 6 business hours.
  • Replacement Protection – We’ll replace your Zebra printer when it becomes unrepairable.
  • All Parts Included – All parts need to repair your Zebra printer are included*.
  • Unlimited Service Calls – No matter how many trips are needed to repair your Zebra printer, you don’t pay extra.
  • Affordable for Better Budgeting – Pay one low annual price that helps you control costs.

*Does not include consumables including printheads.

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Zebra Printer Service Contract Benefits

printer service contracts priority response
Priority Response

Our printer service contract customers go to the front of the line when requesting a service call.

printer service contracts fix or replace protection
Fix or Replace Protection*

While your Zebra printer is under our service contract and parts become unavailable, we’ll replace it at no cost. Added protection.

printer service contracts onsite fast
6 Business Hours Onsite**

Our printer service contract customers have a technicians onsite in about 6 business hours after a service request.

printer service contracts all parts included
All Parts Included

Never pay for parts! Our printer service contracts cover all parts needed for repair at no additional cost.

printer service contracts unlimited service calls
Unlimited Service Calls

No matter how many repairs are need on your Zebra printer, service contract customers don’t pay extra.

printer service contracts affordable
Affordable for Better Budgeting

Printer service contract plans give you the ability to control your budget and ours are affordable.

*Restrictions apply **Average onsite times

zebra thermal barcode printer service contracts

Zebra thermal label printers we cover

ZT610, ZT620, ZT510, ZM4+, 110xiI, 110xiII, 110XiIII, 110xi4, 140XiI, 140XiII, 140XiIII, 140xi4, 170XiI, 170XiII, 170XiIII, 170xi4, 220xiI, 220xiII, 220xiIII, 220Xi4, 110XiIIIPlus, 140XiIIIPlus, 170XiIIIPlus, 220XiIIIPlus, Z Series, ZM400, ZM600, 105SL, S4M, EM 220, 90XiI, 90XiII, 90XiIIIplus, S300, S400, S500, S600, Z4000, Z4M, ZT220, ZT230, ZT410, ZT420.

Here’s what comes with our printer service contract plans:

Priority Response
Get fast 8-hour or less onsite response time
Unlimited Service Calls
All repairs and travel time included!
All Parts Included
All parts need for repair are included!*
Repair or Replace ProtectionSM
If parts become unavailable while your Zebra printer is under our coverage, we’ll replace your Zebra printer at no cost to you!**

Coverge thoughout the United States and Canada

The MIDCOM Service Group has trained technicians across the United States and Canada – who are in your local area! We understand Zebra thermal printers including high performance, midrange, and card printers and can service them quickly and efficiently at a very competitive price. Just call our toll free number and our national dispatch center will promptly enter you into our computerized dispatch system to begin the Onsite Next Day service-call process or quickly get you shipping instructions to our No-Fee Guarantee Service Center right away.

Is your Zebra a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer?

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Zebra service contracts | Zebra repair contracts | Zebra maintenance contracts for all these models

zebra 105sl service contracts
zebra 105sl service contract
zebra 105sl repair contracts
zebra 105sl repair contract
zebra 105sl maintenance contracts
zebra 105sl maintenance contract
zebra 105sl plus service contracts
zebra 105sl plus service contract
zebra 105sl plus repair contracts
zebra 105sl plus repair contract
zebra 105sl plus maintenance contracts
zebra 105sl plus maintenance contract
zebra zm4+ service contracts
zebra zm4+ service contract
zebra zm4+ repair contracts
zebra zm4+ repair contract
zebra zm4+ maintenance contracts
zebra zm4+ maintenance contract
zebra 110xii service contracts
zebra 110xii service contract
zebra 110xii repair contracts
zebra 110xii repair contract
zebra 110xii maintenance contracts
zebra 110xii maintenance contract
zebra 110xiii service contracts
zebra 110xiii service contract
zebra 110xiii repair contracts
zebra 110xiii repair contract
zebra 110xiii maintenance contracts
zebra 110xiii maintenance contract
zebra 110xiiii service contracts
zebra 110xiiii service contract
zebra 110xiiii repair contracts
zebra 110xiiii repair contract
zebra 110xiiii maintenance contracts
zebra 110xiiii maintenance contract
zebra 110xi4 service contracts
zebra 110xi4 service contract
zebra 110xi4 repair contracts
zebra 110xi4 repair contract
zebra 110xi4 maintenance contracts
zebra 110xi4 maintenance contract
zebra 140xii service contracts
zebra 140xii service contract
zebra 140xii repair contracts
zebra 140xii repair contract
zebra 140xii maintenance contracts
zebra 140xii maintenance contract
zebra 140xiii service contracts
zebra 140xiii service contract
zebra 140xiii repair contracts
zebra 140xiii repair contract
zebra 140xiii maintenance contracts
zebra 140xiii maintenance contract
zebra 140xiiii service contracts
zebra 140xiiii service contract
zebra 140xiiii repair contracts
zebra 140xiiii repair contract
zebra 140xiiii maintenance contracts
zebra 140xiiii maintenance contract
zebra 170xii service contracts
zebra 170xii service contract
zebra 170xii repair contracts
zebra 170xii repair contract
zebra 170xii maintenance contracts
zebra 170xii maintenance contract
zebra 170xiii service contracts
zebra 170xiii service contract
zebra 170xiii repair contracts
zebra 170xiii repair contract
zebra 170xiii maintenance contracts
zebra 170xiii maintenance contract
zebra 170xiiii service contracts
zebra 170xiiii service contract
zebra 170xiiii repair contracts
zebra 170xiiii repair contract
zebra 170xiiii maintenance contracts
zebra 170xiiii maintenance contract
zebra 220xii service contracts
zebra 220xii service contract
zebra 220xii repair contracts
zebra 220xii repair contract
zebra 220xii maintenance contracts
zebra 220xii maintenance contract
zebra 220xiii service contracts
zebra 220xiii service contract
zebra 220xiii repair contracts
zebra 220xiii repair contract
zebra 220xiii maintenance contracts
zebra 220xiii maintenance contract
zebra 220xiiii service contracts
zebra 220xiiii service contract
zebra 220xiiii repair contracts
zebra 220xiiii repair contract
zebra 220xiiii maintenance contracts
zebra 220xiiii maintenance contract
zebra 140xi4 service contracts
zebra 140xi4 service contract
zebra 140xi4 repair contracts
zebra 140xi4 repair contract
zebra 140xi4 maintenance contracts
zebra 140xi4 maintenance contract
zebra 170xi4 service contracts
zebra 170xi4 service contract
zebra 170xi4 repair contracts
zebra 170xi4 repair contract
zebra 170xi4 maintenance contracts
zebra 170xi4 maintenance contract
zebra 220xi4 service contracts
zebra 220xi4 service contract
zebra 220xi4 repair contracts
zebra 220xi4 repair contract
zebra 220xi4 maintenance contracts
zebra 220xi4 maintenance contract
zebra zm400 service contracts
zebra zm400 service contract
zebra zm400 repair contracts
zebra zm400 repair contract
zebra zm400 maintenance contracts
zebra zm400 maintenance contract
zebra zm600 service contracts
zebra zm600 service contract
zebra zm600 repair contracts
zebra zm600 repair contract
zebra zm600 maintenance contracts
zebra zm600 maintenance contract
zebra s4m service contracts
zebra s4m service contract
zebra s4m repair contracts
zebra s4m repair contract
zebra s4m maintenance contracts
zebra s4m maintenance contract
zebra em 220 service contracts
zebra em 220 service contract
zebra em 220 repair contracts
zebra em 220 repair contract
zebra em 220 maintenance contracts
zebra em 220 maintenance contract
zebra s600 service contracts
zebra s600 service contract
zebra s600 repair contracts
zebra s600 repair contract
zebra s600 maintenance contracts
zebra s600 maintenance contract
zebra z4m service contracts
zebra z4m service contract
zebra z4m repair contracts
zebra z4m repair contract
zebra z4m maintenance contracts
zebra z4m maintenance contract
zebra zt230 service contracts
zebra zt230 service contract
zebra zt230 repair contracts
zebra zt230 repair contract
zebra zt230 maintenance contracts
zebra zt230 maintenance contract
zebra zt220 service contracts
zebra zt220 service contract
zebra zt220 repair contracts
zebra zt220 repair contract
zebra zt220 maintenance contracts
zebra zt220 maintenance contract
zebra zt410 contracts
zebra zt410 service contract
zebra zt410 repair contracts
zebra zt410 repair contract
zebra zt410 maintenance contracts
zebra zt410 maintenance contract
zebra zt420 service contracts
zebra zt420 service contract
zebra zt420 repair contracts
zebra zt420 repair contract
zebra zt420 maintenance contracts
zebra zt420 maintenance contract

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